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Although important progress has been made in cervical cancer human human papillomavirus subtypes subtypes the etiological, diagnostic and treatment areas, incidence and epidemiology factors have not been influenced to the extent of expectations, with a remarkable occurrence and mortality, both in our country and globally.

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Prevention and fight at population level involve complex measures included in the global epidemiological, clinical surveillance and laboratory screening cytological, immunological, serological, radiological. Starting from these prerequisites, primary prevention programs HPV vaccination and secondary prevention cervical cytology screening, classically or liquid-based have been implemented, to which co-testing hpv subtypes that cause cancer have human papillomavirus subtypes added in order to improve the sensitivity of screening.

Since the interpretation of classical cytology on smear shows a number of limitations, new additional methods of co-testing have been developed as follows: primary HPV-DNA human papillomavirus subtypes of highly oncogenic subtypes; immunocytodiagnostic co-testing - with biomarker detection panel - p16 and Ki67; co-testing with immunohistochemical biomarkers - on biopsy pieces, respectively detection of overexpression of p16 protein.

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