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Dumzil G. Dumzil, Loki, Darmstadt Dumzil, Mythe et pope I, Padezi vo srpski jezik. Dumzil, La Courtisane et les seigneurs colors.

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Esquisses de mythologie, Paris. Krsti Br. DLV, Odeljenje jezika i knji evnosti knj.

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Mareti T. Mareti, M.

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Mareti, Naa narodna epika, Zagreb Oinas Felix J. Olrik A. Olrik, Ragnark, die Sagen vom Weltuntergang, deutsch von W.

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Ranisch, Berlin. Puhvel J.

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padezi vo srpski jezik Rudnykyj J. Rudnykyj, Zur Name [?! Russian Svjatogor and Serbian Mark of the Holy Mountain Marko Svetogorac Inherently probable, the existence of an oral poetry among the Slavs in their protohome before the Migration Age is inferred from a number of etymological matches of whole poetic formulas between South Slavic and Russian epic traditions, which suggests that the similarities of their figures and plots may be explained, too, as a common inheritance rather than due to independent or later developments, and where both form and content are comparable, the research results in reconstructing fragments of Common Slavic heroic and mythological poetry.

The present paper aims at recovering such a fragment.

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The most popular hero of South Slavic epics, Prince Mark, late 14th century Serbian ruler in what is today Macedonia, has been compared so far to epic heroes of different epochs and nations, such padezi vo srpski jezik Padezi vo srpski jezik Achilles and Heracles, Byzantine Digenis Akritas, Spanish Cid, Frankish Roland, German Wolfdietrich, Old Norse Starkad, Persian Rostam, but genetically most relevant are the parallels found to him padezi vo srpski jezik Russian biliny.

Among the elder heroes starie bogatyri it is Svjatogor and in the second generation Ilja of Murom, who are connected together by the motif of the latter inheriting the formers strength sila. In the poem confronting two heroes Svjatogor is characterized by the same behavior as Marks adversary Musa: both of them while riding throw a mace nearly into the clouds and than catch it with their white hands; there is a striking similarity between the two descriptions, with some formulaic and even etymological correspondences undoubtedly rooted in common poetic heritage.

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Whereas Svjatogor, a giant with suprahuman strength, conserves his mythological substance reflected especially in him being intimely tied, even by his 93 name, with the fabulous Holy Mountains Svjatye Gory whose craggy soil only can support his weight, Musa is strongly euhemerized an Albanian rebelling against the sultan! Musas three hearts mean that he was thrice stronger than a normal man, which provokes Padezi vo srpski jezik famous lament over having killed a better hero than himself; similarly, the dying Svj atogor transmits to Ilja only one half or one third of his superfluous power.

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A tertium comparationis is provided by Old Padezi vo srpski jezik Hrungni, a giant with a threecornered heart of stone, who, slain in a duel by Thor, falls prone across his killer padezi vo srpski jezik one leg over his neck, and subsequently all the other Ases prove themselves unable to move it and unblock their champion.

Hrungnis stony nature he was also stone-headed and armed with a hone and a large shield of stone resembles that of Svjatogor, who is in a sense identical with his rocky abode. Musa having been born on a rock and confr onting Marko in a mountain gorge, his brother and alter ego Djemo being surnamed Highlander Brdjanin may reflect a similar association.

The poem about Svjatogor and Ilja ends with the former being buried alive in a large tomb carved out of rock in the Holy Mountains and thus mystically assimilated to them. There is another version of Padezi vo srpski jezik death, where he after blasphemously boasting about his streng th loses it while attempting in vain to lift a small sack containing miraculously the weight of the entire earth tjaga zemnajasinks to his knees into the ground and dies, obviously petrified into a mountain.

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The same story is known to Macedonian and Bulgarian epics, where it is connected with Prince Mark, only he survives the lesson; and there is again a padezi vo srpski jezik formula of a good IndoEuropean pedigree used by both traditions in this context, Russ. The historical Mark fell in a battle fought in the Wallachian plain and padezi vo srpski jezik buried probably in a monastery built by him near Skopje, whereas padezi vo srpski jezik the epic tradition his end is variously narrated but consistently associated with a mountain; either he is transported alive into a hidden cave the motif of sleeping heroor he dies on the top of a mythical mountain and his body is subsequently translated by monks to the Holy Mountain Sveta Gorawhereby Mount Padezi vo srpski jezik is meant, just as in an early recorded variant of the poem about Mark padezi vo srpski jezik his wife, where he disguises himself as a monk from the Holy Mountain Svetogorac.

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However, in the same variant, Marks adversary padezi vo srpski jezik a stone padezi vo srpski jezik down to the waist. In another poem, the same feature is padezi vo srpski jezik to a giant Jew, who attempts to plunder the Holy Mountain and to padezi vo srpski jezik its monasteries but ends by being slain by Marko. Consequently, the unhistorical association of Prince Mark with it must be due to a later reinterpretation.